Technology Integration: A Vision, Framework, & Strategy for Districts

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I very recently was given the opportunity to present the technology integration work I was a part of in the Kettle Moraine School District. The video below shows the presentation I gave at both the Wisconsin D.P.I presentation at the Wisconsin S.L.A.T.E. Conference and for a CESA 1 P.A.C. meeting for the superintendents of southeast Wisconsin.

In the last year and a half, I was given the awesome opportunity to hold a leadership position within a school district of nine public schools and public charter schools. My charge was to drive technology adoption within the district, and this goal eventually became concrete in our district technology plan and in a collaborative project titled “Ed Tech Challenge”. We started by building a cohesive vision of technology use (that stemmed from instructional strategies), built a framework (for the roles that different district leadership teams held), and then worked on a strategy (for how to drive adoption and support teachers).


-Technology does not engage students; great lessons engage students
-Technology should only be used when it increases efficiency and/or effectiveness

-Instructional technology expectations must be driven by instructional experts
-Technology services must be aligned with instructional goals and district needs

-Resistance to change occurs only when barriers are present
-The most effective way to encourage change is by eliminating those barriers

The video below shows those three concepts- the vision, the framework, and the strategy that was eventually implemented in my school district. I’m really proud of the work that we did- both within my school district and within the collaborative community that was a part of this work. I’m excited to say that our framework has started to be implemented in multiple school districts, and over one hundred districts have requested our resources pre-launch. I really hope that the lessons we learned in the creation of this project end up being useful to other district leadership teams!

For the actual presentation, check out the slides below!


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