We Need to Share Better Stories about Our Schools

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Why I’m starting a Brand Storytelling Agency & Video Production Company


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I’ve spent over a decade obsessed with trying to figure out how to prepare kids for the future. It’s personal for me – I was the first person in my family to graduate from college, and it’s given me a healthy blend of cynicism and gratitude towards the education system.

I’m not using the word obsessed lightly – I’ve looked at this problem now from FOUR angles: from the classroom as a teacher, from the district office as an administrator, across the country while I was at the Congressionally-authorized NGO at Digital Promise, and at a startup as a software engineer.

Each new perspective I’ve gained has taught me something different – but the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that we are already solving every challenge we face in education. Seriously. The examples of success are already there. I’ve met so many organizations doing incredible things and not getting the support they should because their example isn’t being shared – or worse, is being shared with the wrong message.

Which startups get supported? The ones who tell their story.

Which classrooms, districts, and nonprofits get supported? The ones who tell their story.

Education has a branding problem, and I’ve decided to channel my energy into helping organizations tell their story in a way that gets them the attention, resources, and funding they deserve. We won’t just make videos. We’ll work on the messaging, and then we will shamelessly promote your work to every media contact and person in our network that we can.

Here are some of the ways we are providing our support:

  • Branding, positioning, and messaging
  • Multimedia and video production
  • Storytelling workshops and seminars

I’ve teamed up with L.A.-based filmmaker/director Ian McClerin, who I first started working with at Digital Promise. He’s an award-winning filmmaker with an Emmy Nomination for best cinematography. His films have premiered at the New York Film Festival, Miami Basel, and AFI Docs. He’s taught classes at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. He’s also currently up for the CINE Golden Eagle Award for Independent and Emerging Media for excellence in storytelling.

Although we both want to carve out as much time as possible to work in education, we are open to a lot of collaborations. Ian was awarded a month-long National Park Service residency at the Petrified Forest in Arizona in June. We’ll be doing storytelling workshops there, as well as creating educational content. We’re also going to be working with technology startups. There are people doing good work everywhere.

SO…. if you know someone who is doing important work, let them know WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS. We’ve already started producing and we’re ready to help others become producers themselves. Share our website. Introduce us. Shamelessly promote NonQuixote so we can shamelessly promote THEM. 😉

Let’s tell stories together:



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