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Learning to be a Learner: Why My Next Step is a Coding Bootcamp

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How did I end up here?

About a year ago, I was on a speaker panel I shouldn’t have been on. Don’t get me wrong – I was grateful to be there – but I realized very quickly that I was the least impressive and least qualified person on that stage.

Other speakers included one of the lead engineers at YouTube; the global head of diversity programs at Google; and the first Read the rest

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Words Matter: Are You Talking About Technology, or are You Talking About Learning?

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This blog post was originally posted on the Connected Educator Month blog.

I still remember the first time I held a voluntary workshop on Google Docs for a staff of 100 teachers. I called it “10 Ways to Use Google Docs in Your Classroom”.

Five people showed up.

A week later, I was eating lunch in the staff lounge and heard a colleague say, “They always have an excuse for not turning their work in. They forgot to bring … Read the rest

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My Limited Perspectives of Education Reform: Life as a Student, Teacher, and Administrator.

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In the last decade, I’ve seen the education world through four different lenses: as a student, a teacher, an administrator, and (now) from a policy world.

When I was a student, I thought the world could be changed if we had more engaging teachers.

When I was a teacher, I thought the world could be changed if we had more support from administrative leadership.

When I was an administrator, I thought the world could be changed if we had more … Read the rest

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Push My Thinking: TPACK or SAMR or ?

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**Update 4/26/14: I LOVE the responses to this post; they made me consider a lot of different ways of looking at TPACK and SAMR, and really stretched my thinking. If you read this post, also read the comments- and check out the links that some people have included!

I’m going to preface this post by saying that I think both TPACK and SAMR are incredibly useful frameworks- and I use them a lot in my work with education technology. While … Read the rest

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Personalized Learning for Teachers Too: Professional Development Should Reflect Learning, Not Seat Time!

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“… so, in conclusion, you can provide personalized learning opportunities for your students right now! You can build a blended learning environment to support anytime-everywhere learning! You can track student growth through portfolios! And you can support a growth mindset by encouraging students to reflect on their journey and set personal goals!

Thank you for listening. Also, I was told to inform everyone that this session counts as two hours towards the required twelve hours of in-district professional development. Please … Read the rest

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Authentic, Personalized Learning: Pre- and Post-Technology (A Case Study)

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I recently worked with a few teachers on a service-learning project they had designed for their students. As we talked about the purpose and design of the project, I was brought back to my sophomore year of high school- and one of the school assignments that had a huge impact on who I am today.

I was fifteen, and I had just read Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. In response to the reading, we were told … Read the rest

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Encouraging the Conversation: Strategic Integration of Technology

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The first time I held a workshop on Google Docs, three people showed up. The second time I held a workshop, five people showed up. The third time I held a workshop, two people showed up. Months later, I still couldn’t increase my numbers to more than ten participants- in a district of almost 450 employees.

I didn’t understand it. I wasn’t exactly Sir Ken Robinson, but I definitely had more than five people in the audience when I spoke … Read the rest

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You can’t Change the World from an Island

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I didn’t go to the ASU/GSV Education Innovation Summit, but I wish I would have, just so I could have heard Andy Kessler’s closing keynote. I followed the conversation on Twitter, and I read articles that reacted to his speech– which allegedly created a dichotomy between teachers and technology. I loved the reaction from Betsy Corcoran, CEO of EdSurge, who wrote: “Technologists–or aging former financial analysts–who try to bully either teachers (or for that matter, parents) into thinking … Read the rest

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My Core Beliefs: Why I Stay in Education and Why I Focus on Education Technology

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My superintendent gave me homework a few weeks ago- she asked me to consider what my “core beliefs” about education are, and why I continue to work in public education. Maybe I miss having homework (haha), but I decided to write down my thoughts.


I work in public education because I am passionate about the belief that every student deserves a quality, free education, and that opportunity shouldn’t be dependent on the family a child was born into.

I … Read the rest

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Podcast Interview with Concordia EdTech- Talking about how Technology Supports Pedagogy!

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My first podcast interview went live today! Thanks Concordia EdTech for hosting me (and if you haven’t checked them out yet, you should- they’ve interviewed some really interesting people, and I feel honored to be a part of their work!).

In the interview, I talk about one of the projects I am currently working on, how technology can support pedagogy, and how Google Apps can improve efficiency/effectiveness.

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