AutoCrat: The Greatest Google Mail Merge Script of All Time

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I’m not exaggerating.

Check this out:

  • Users fill out a form online
  • The data from each user merges into an individual Google Doc (from a template)
  • Those Google Docs (you can also choose to make PDFs) are organized in a folder in Google Drive
  • You can automatically send an email with those attached PDFs or Docs
  • This can happen when you run the script or as soon as the user submits the form.

I can think of a million uses … Read the rest

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Teacher/Student Connections with Google Forms: A Google Video Featuring my Awesome New Coworker

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Here’s a quick video to start out your weekend! One of the teachers in my new district, Andi Kornowski, is a second-year teacher, a rockstar with project-based learning in science, and just passed all the tests to become a Google Apps Certified Individual. Last year, she found a way to connect with students using Google Forms- and the Google team flew out to Wisconsin to highlight some of her work.

There are two things that really stuck out to me … Read the rest
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Curriculum Storage: Using Google Sites as a Content Management System

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I have been in three school districts since I started my career in education- I spent a semester as an intern (I taught three freshman English classes in lieu of student teaching), three years as an English Teacher / Video Production Teacher / Theater Tech Director / Tech Coach, and I just started in a new district as a K-12 Technology Integrator. All three districts put aside common planning time for the same goal: revising and updating curriculum for common … Read the rest

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EdCamp Oshkosh 2012

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EdCamp Oshkosh was a ton of fun! This was my first EdCamp ever, and I really enjoyed the laid-back, conversational format. The group who organized it did a FANTASTIC job- everything was structured very well (I felt totally comfortable with where I needed to be) and they found great sponsors and a great location- Sage Hall at UW-Oshkosh.

Here are the four sessions I went to:

  • I came up with this idea (so I presented some information),
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How Starting a Student TV Station Saved Each of Our Students 30 Hours of Instructional Time Per Year

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I’ve been waiting to write this post. I started teaching video production in September, with the intent of broadcasting school announcements every day during lunch. It is now June- and I feel pretty comfortable saying that this class turned out to be a success. This post will go over the process I went through to create this class, what technology I used, and what roles different students held.

First, however, let’s talk about why we decided to do this. Besides … Read the rest

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Flipped Classroom- Give Your Students Time to Learn

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Let’s talk about flipped classrooms.

The first time I heard about a flipped classroom, I decided to try it the very next day. I figured- “HEY! This can’t be too difficult… I’ll just set up a video camera and film the lecture I give in class”.

That was a mistake.

After viewing the twenty-minute footage of myself trying to explain how to write an introduction paragraph, I realized three things:

  • My voice is higher and more monotone than I thought
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A Video Overview of my Student News Production Class

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I’m really excited about this post. I started teaching Video Production at the beginning of this school year,  and I implemented a student news station (with daily video broadcasts) and a website through which people could view videos, submit announcements, and read the student newspaper. We finally put together a video (for the school board) that explains what RAHS News is and how it affects our school community. Check it out!

An overview of RAHS News from RAHS News on … Read the rest

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Teaching The Hunger Games- introducing a new book into the curriculum using technology integration

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I received an email a few weeks ago from a CSUN student, Alicia, who is majoring in English Education asking what my process was for introducing a new book into the curriculum [referencing The Hunger Games]. Here is my lengthy response.

1. Find a book you like. I read the book this summer and completely lost myself in the trilogy. Seriously. I started the first book on a Friday afternoon and kept reading until I finished the … Read the rest

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Fight Club: Using Stage Combat in the Classroom

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Romeo and Juliet Fight Scene from RAHS News on Vimeo.

What on earth is this?

For two years, I ran a “Fight Club” at a high school. What? Yes. Just yes.

In my past life, I was enrolled in a Bachelor of Fine Arts acting program. I quickly realized that theater wasn’t my career path (although I did spend two years working as a Theater Technical Director), but I did really enjoy a lot of the classes I took. … Read the rest

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