Keynote Speeches

Let’s Stop Talking About Technology and Start Talking About Learning
Education technology has a branding and messaging problem. In this speech, Krista will share real talk about her lessons learned integrating technology in the classroom, district office, and with schools all over the country. Digital tools can’t replace powerful teaching strategies – but harnessed correctly, can make every teacher more efficient and more effective. Recommended for all audiences, especially the most technology-cautious crowds.

Zero to Coding: One Year as a Software Engineer
You don’t need to learn to code to benefit from learning to think like an engineer. In this speech, Krista will talk about her one year deep dive into life as a full-stack software engineer at a startup in San Francisco. She’ll talk about how she learned to code, common misconceptions about engineering, and key takeaways that any school looking to add coding to their curriculum should consider. Recommended for all audiences.